National Consultant – To support awareness campaigns on women’s human rights and their role in peace processes in 9 regions and provide training sessions in 9 regions

United Nations Development Programme – Bissau – The Constitution of Guinea-Bissau introduced the basics of democracy, notably the consecration of the people as the holders of sovereignty, the Rule of Law as an affirmation of the primacy of legality, the separation of powers, the respect for Human Rights, the participation of citizens, and the multi-party system. In practice, despite these principles, the country has been in a vicious cycle of political instability since its independence. Notwithstanding, aware of the current situation on the country and its failure in providing justice peace and security – to preserve democracy -, the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights has embarked in a justice reform process. To strategically strengthen the Rule of Law to reduce the destructive impact of these challenges in Guinea-Bissau, the national authorities have drawn up a National Program for the Reform of Justice (2015-2019), focusing on a strategy aimed at the in-depth transformation of the justice sector. The National Gender Equality and Equity Policy 2012-2015 (PNIEG I) was drafted, but for several reasons, namely the political context, its implementation was not effective. Nevertheless, through the revision of this document, the second Plan (PNIEG II) was drafted in 2017 with the goal of systematically integrate women's rights and gender equality in all national policies, strategies, projects and development programs, developed in the country. Guinea-Bissau has also approved a National Action Plan for the Implementation of the 1325 Security Council Resolution to ensure the integration of a gender dimension in political, justice, military, security, and development cooperation activities, to achieve the resolution's recommendations. The objective is to implement approaches to peace and security founded on cooperation, dialogue and respect for fundamental Human Rights, in particular the principles of equality and equity between men and women to guarantee peace, security, and sustainable development in the count… – Permanente – Horário completo


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