AI/ML Architect

Qwinix – Bissau – Qwinix is looking for Machine Learning Architect or Sr. Machine Learning Engineer Job Related Details Top Must have skills (Required Technical Tools amp; Stack): At least some GCP AI or ML tools/services: AutoML AI Suite Nice to have experience with containers – Docker Job describtion (essential responsibilities, activities, qualifications and skills): An AI architect will be expected to deliver tangible solutions for the clients they work with as well as being capable of creating and maintaining architecture using leading AI technology frameworks. They will need to understand client needs and be able to translate these into business solutions that they can implement. Therefore, the role of an AI architect is vital to any AI or machine-learning strand within a business. The AI architect is like the chief data scientist, planning the implementation of solutions, choosing the right technologies and evaluating the evolution of the architecture as the clients’ needs change. AI architects must analyse data to inform their decisions to be able to correctly do this, they need to have a deep understanding of AI applications as well as the specific infrastructure they’re working with. They also need to manage the architecture based on restrictions, conflicting requirements and any other limitations they may be faced with. These are all very specific judgement calls that only the most senior AI professionals with the right expertise would be able to make. In order to select the right technology for a particular project, an AI architect will need to have a vast knowledge of tools and technologies within the AI industry, as well as constantly having their finger on the pulse and remaining up to date with rapidly evolving trends. Requirements Any GCP-based ML certificate is a plus. Work Enviornment (culture, team size etc.): Collaborative and supportive team structure. Both mentor and mentee options. Generally 2-10 people working on team/project. … – Permanente – Horário completo