QA Tester – MediaMonks India

MediaMonks – Bissau – MediaMonks India is in search of QA Testers to cultivate our projects to an impeccable state before setting them free in the wild. About the Role As a QA Monk, you use your extensive knowledge of QA processes and testing-tools to assess and ascertain the workings of websites, platforms, apps, games, campaigns, and a whole lot more. As part of our QA team in India, you aim to perfect the experience for any type of user and any kind of device while keeping what’s best for the client’s needs and wants at heart. You make sure everything up to the last pixel is up to par with agreements, requirements and expectations from the technical build to the frontend design. You systematically go over security and usability issues and check the functions of every form and feature. Next to testing, you help to better integrate quality assurance into the overall production process, making sure QA methods are tuned to our projects and workload. Requirements You have 1+ years worth of QA-testing experience. You’re familiar with testing websites, games and mobile app until they break. You’re experienced working directly with developers as part of agile projects. Writing test cases is not a test for you. Can I Click It? is your anthem when you’re looking for loopholes, exploits, bugs or anything else that’ll drive your coworkers in development crazy. Writing end-to-end test plans and comprehensive use cases has been a standard feat in your rigorous repertoire, covering everything from general dependencies to specific edge cases. You have solid experience in working with bug-tracking databases and test-tracking systems. You are experienced in setting up detailed issue reports that allow our teams to quickly proceed with the next version of the build. You have a deft eye for detail and a creative way of working that allows you to corner every edge case possible. Great-to-haves Ideally, you have experience working with tools-of-choice such as Assembla, JIRA, and Tes… – Permanente – Horário completo